February 27, 2015

The Dress Debate and Other Stupid Things that Blew-Up The Net

If you haven't seen this notorious dress by now, then I have just corrupted you.  Hey, if I have to suffer this latest inter-web bomb, you do too.  If you haven't commented in your two-cents yet, then I commend you.  You have enough sense to know this isn't really a debate worth getting into!  I'm only writing this post for those of you who really can give less than 2-craps about what freakin' color this frock is because you really want to scream at those who do care "OMG!  SO WHAT?!  IT'S NOT LIKE THIS DRESS IS A WEBMD TEST TO SEE IF YOU'RE COLOR BLIND!"  Trust me, if you were colorblind, or suddenly color blind, you would know or would have known for a while now.

But this isn't the first internet bomb to ever go off on Facebook, Twitter, or what the hell other social medias you are "Linked-In" to  <-- see what I did there?  Let us not forget Kim Kardashian and her gigantic booty (which was obviously photoshopped and had before & after pics to prove it).  There was also Grumpy Cat (who I LOVE btw.  Tardar can blow-up my Facebook Page any day), Viral Videos, Memes, and all those stupid reposts that are designed to make you feel guilty if you don't pass it along (If you love Jebus, please subscribe/follow my blog!), among other things that just are none of your business and just don't care to see.

So why do these people keep trying?  Because of one quote from a great artist back in an era predating the internet:  Andy Warhol.  He said...
9Gag-ing before it was cool
It's this quote that we derive the quick saying "So-in-So is having their 15 minutes."  But how true is this?  Now that Social Media has become the norm and even more-so, part of the everyday, People are pushing in line for their "15 Minutes" faster or sooner than they should.  Really folks.  I wish some of these "Internet Exploders" really need to think about what they're about to post and think "Is this something I want to be remembered for?"  Lord knows Kim Kardashian (more than her other siblings, though they should learn from her idiocy as well) is being remembered as a completely narcissistic moron who's famous for being rich, dumb, and doing even dumber stuff.
like marrying this completely Narcissistic moron who's famous for being
a dick, dumb, and doing dumber stuff.
I want to finish my rant with this:  Prevent the spread of "Dumb" by NOT sharing these stupid, exploding  trends, memes, and what-have-you.  Even when you click "Like" or hash-tag for the reference, you are just aiding in making these stupid things become even more famous.  Let's not make these people's 15-minutes last longer than it needs to.

(Parenting Tip...since this is for all tense & purposes a parenting blog:  Talk to your kids about what they post on the internet.  It's just as important as internet safety.  It's not just about what will get out there for predators to see, but just as much what they put out there just may become the thing they will be remembered for.)

Like this kid...though I think he's a bad-ass *wink*

February 6, 2015

He's Not Autistic, He's Just a Spaz

It is the oldest question, the first question:  "Is your child autistic?"  Okay, 10 points if you got the Doctor Who reference.  Seriously, though.  Just because a child has a speech impediment and is a bit of a spaz, doesn't mean he ranges on the Spectrum.

Parents and teachers in the past 2 generations have been looking for a reason to label their children with something that can be medicated or put some form of blame on because their children just don't want to behave or just to have an out for not wanting to discipline children.  It used to be scary if you had to go to the principal or vice-principal's office because they would put you in your place for acting like a complete idjit!  Even teachers would yell at you for being a jerk!  Lord knows I had my share of that!  Now, most parents see spanking as "Abuse".  Teachers and Teaching Staff are legally obligated to use "Positive Reinforcement" to bring troublesome students back on track.  When those all fail, then it's suddenly, "Have you thought to have your child tested for ADD/ADHD or Autism?  (From here I will call The 3 A's).  I promise you, when my child is at home or out in public, he is a perfect angel.  No one has ever questioned if he has any of the 3 A's.  Sure, the speech impediment is still there, but the attitude is that of your average 6 year old.  When we teach him something about a subject he's interested in, he takes it all in.  When we are at a friend's house or playing at the playground with other children, he's totally great playing with them!  Once he gets on the bus and is at school, that is when he starts acting out.  It's the same in Sunday School.

Now, before you start leaving me nasty comments of "How dare you make the assumption that The 3 A's is just a social band-aid", let me clear the air with this:  I do believe in Autism.  As a matter of fact, click the link for the laundry list of symptoms and mannerisms that are associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder...Symptoms of Autism.  Now, as far as ADD/ADHD, I'm still on the fence with that.  Having said that, let me tell you why my child isn't autistic:  First of all, aside from pronunciation, this kid holds the gift of gab.  Seriously, he is totally my kid for that one.  He always is talking to people about his likes, interests, dreams, and can make up some really great stories!  He's even told me he wants to be an author some day!  This child is really after his Ol' Mum's heart with that one!  He's been having trouble associating and playing with the other kids in his class, but it's because they tease him AND because he started bullying children since the first day of school.  The kids are afraid of him and CONSTANTLY are tattling on him.  Believe me, as someone who was constantly victimized by bullies and teased by the other students for being the fat kid, I didn't want to play with them either.  Luke also plays well with older kids because when we still lived in the Tri-Cities, he ALWAYS got to play with his cousin Aidan who just happens to be 3 year older than himself.  Now my Aunt K lives here in Spokane again (with her daughter and her family) and since has met his cousin (2nd cousin actually but still cousin) Jo (changed name for their need for privacy).  She is a few months younger than him but in the same grade.  She also has a 13 year old half-brother Zane (again, name change).  Luke loved and played with both of them so easily, like they were never apart!  Hey, first impressions are everything.  Just saying.  If Luke has any kind of sensory sensitivity, it's to sound.  He HATES loud noises.  They freak him out.  I can go into why this may be, but it's a long story and it makes me feel like a bad mom.  It also could just be something he developed.  Either way, that's it.

So that's about it.  People assume my kid is autistic because of his speech, aversion to loud noises, and because he's a willful spaz.  That's it.  Damn.  This whole world is just swimming with Child Psychiatrists.  I'm not discounting all the calls home from Luke not listening to teachers, hitting and kicking other kids and teachers, or going off to do his own damn thing at times.  This kid is everything like his Gramma Barb (my mom) when she was a kid, but no one EVER questioned if she suffered any of The 3 A's.  She was just a willful spaz...just like her grandson.

Is there any social pet peeves you have regarding your children?  Have a story about your child involving any of The 3 A's?  If you choose to debate anyone's comment, please do so respectfully and with no strong language.  Swearing allowed, but not in terms of insulting.  Let's keep this joint classy, folks!

February 3, 2015

The Wilsons and the No-Good, Horrible, Very Bad Winter

It has been a while since I had a good post in me.  I wanted to post happy, nerdy things this winter and I had a good few topics, but this whole winter has been just one big cluster-frak of bad luck.  It all started out when our car, not a week after Thanksgiving, went to the manufacturer in the sky.  It got my husband to work, but then we had to get it towed back home ON A SUNDAY!  Not even 24 hours later, someone broke into our apartment WHILE LUKE AND I WERE ASLEEP ON MY BED and stole my husband's laptop computer!  So, the whole month of December, we have to hoof it to the store and by bus to everywhere we need to go.  Speaking of December, Matt's grandmother passed away.  Money we were saving for Christmas and bills?  Gone because he had to travel to the Tri-Cities via Train to go to the funeral.  The worst part?  He missed 3 whole days of work because of it.  That was a big hindrance to the paycheck we got the first of January.  Finally, our son was just recovering from "The Plague" while I had just contracted said Plague.  Matt decided that night to run over to the store to get me some Nyquil.  Well, if our winter wasn't crap enough, a car turned South-bound and hit my husband right as he was crossing on his signal!  He's still with us, praise Jebus, but his left leg was fractured just above the knee.  Lucky for him, that was all that happened.

So now, for the next few months, Matt is unable to work, if even at full-time capacity, let alone full capacity.  For those of you wondering; yes, we have a lawyer.  No, we have not talked to anyone involved in the incident.  He only had any type of paid leave because his work cashed in his paid vacation days to cover 2-weeks worth of work and now we're tapped out.  On a brighter note, Matt did get his W-2 a few days ago and we filed via Turbo Tax Online so hopefully we'll see that money sooner than later.  Matt and I are still at an impasse as to if we're going to try to get a car with that money and live on what's left or wait until the settlement happens and completes before trying for a car then.  Not going to air "Whose on what side", but we're still working on the details on how it is going to happen.

Until then, I, myself am debating about finding temporary work until this all blows over.  We need to stay on our feet somehow, but Matt is feeling kind of raw right now about not working right now.  Hey, understandable since he has been working since after High School.  I'm not one for gender stereo types, but on a biological level, Men are hard wired to toil and provide for him and his.

With that, if you love my blog and my family, here is the Go Fund Me link if you would like to donate to our cause.

The Wilson Family Recovery Fund

We have a goal of $2000 to help us stay on top of bills and other necessities until Matt can get back to working full time at the Nursing  Home/Rehabilitation Center he works at.  Also, Matt has also started making soap again, and me with my lip balm.  They are products we sell to help supplement our family income so if you're interested in what we have, feel free to send me a message ;)

So that's the low down of us right now.  Let me know in the comments below how your New Year is going!  Good or Bad, Resolutions Made, Resolutions already broken, How much you still love the Seattle Seahawks even if we didn't win the Superbowl.  :)  I love to hear from you, my readers!

January 7, 2015


  Have you ever thought "Damn.  Our civilization is so advanced we're starting to go backwards!"  No, really!  If you are a parent, you are always hearing about these "Crunchy Granola Parent" bragging about how they've given up on modern conveniences like diapers ("we only use cloth diapers), cultivating their urban properties or apartment patios into thriving food gardens ("we made a container garden so we can know for sure we aren't eating GMO produce"), and hell, even making their own cleaning products!  Okay, the last I'm guilty of but that's because we're too broke for the commercial stuff.  Then again, we're so broke we have to live this "home-stead" style life because we can't afford to properly join the Nerd-World properly.  Sadly, the afore mentioned Granola Folk do it because "it's a healthy way to live and saves the planet".  They don't have to live that way.  They work "REAL" jobs that require college degrees and can support a family without state assistance.  Not us.  We live on just my husband's job because we're so broke, I can't even afford to work because of the cost of child-care.  Also, with how frequently the school calls, I couldn't even keep the job because my kid just CAN'T behave through a whole day in class so save his little damn life.

Regardless, Since we moved into this apartment 2 years ago, I had given up my "Pay by the minutes" phone to resubscribe to Magic Jack.  The next year, Matt purchased a cell phone because he had started making and selling hand-made soaps.  He said the phone was for business purposes and emergencies only, but he threw that little rule out nearly as quick as he made it.  I admit, I was jealous as hell because now he can leave the house and be easy to contact without me having to always calling his work and leaving messages, let alone to go out and do whatever and be easy to contact.  I only took that phone when I left the house to go somewhere in case Matt needed to get a hold of me.  Sadly, we started having troubles with our phone line.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm telling you now, Magic Jack is a great way to go if you need to cut costs and save on bills.  Sadly, the service is crap for what they offer (free USA long distance, local calls, voice mail, call waiting, and caller ID.  Just standard stuff).  Not only that, but land-line telephones are becoming so obsolete that their quality is also not what it used to be.  Seriously.  If you want one that's going to last, get it at Best Buy and be prepared to shell bucks.  We had this land line phone for all of just under a year and it started crapping out hard in October.  By December, it just died.

Christmas came and went and my dad sent us a nice "Gift".  Not saying what, just know I was able to finally get myself a cell phone!  What did I get?  A Nokia Lumia 530.  Yes, I'm aware it's a Windows Phone, but kiss my ass!  I love it so far!  I feel like I have finally joined the 21st century!  Do you know how many of my friends try to send me texts forgetting that I don't have a cell?  Not only that, but when we message each other, I respond more or less right away, while they have to take the time and type out what their typing because they're responding from their cell phones.

Now that I have one, I'm nerding out like a Gramma who just got a Facebook account and doesn't know what to do with it!  As of now, I have tricked out my phone with a Sailor Moon background and rings with the song that Chiba Mamoru's watch makes when it opens.  Her transformation sound from the original anime is my text tone.  Damn right.  That's how I roll.

So, now that I have all these apps, app games, and a few pictures under my belt, I'm totally feeling comfortable with my status in life, even if I'm still just as poor and broke as I started.

November 29, 2014

Inside a Depressive Episode: Holiday Edition

Extreme Language
This post was written during one of my Depressive Episodes.
I am not meaning to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone
who has ever experienced what I have described below.
Depression makes even the most diplomatic of people
into complete and total assholes.

Read at your will and with all this in mind.

It's two days after Thanksgiving (2014) and our car is completely dead.  The clutch has gone to shit and will not go in gear.  Car issues have always been a depression trigger for me.  I've never ONCE had a car last me more than 2 years since the year I got my license.  Even after I married for the second time, we as a couple can't keep a car running for longer.  I'm in total "Fuck My Life" mode right now.  I was thinking of ranting thoughtless, selfish bullshit, but I'm fighting to take the high road here and instead make this into something constructive.  This is now an inside my head look of what a depressive episode looks like.

So here's what's going on inside my head:

When I got the word this morning that the car has gone to shit, my first thought was "OF FUCKING COURSE IT DID!  IT'S JUST AFTER FUCKING THANKSGIVING AND JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS!"  When I went to post about it on Facebook, I turned it into "My husband made me look like a fucking loony moron when the car shit out on us in the middle of the intersection because he undermined an earlier post about the car by saying 'it's okay now.  It's drivable again.  Just a small issue."  He ALWAYS pulls that shit on me because I'm blonde therefor I'm a fucking retard to him.  Even when I ask him to stop treating me like a moron, he fucking continues in small doses to gauge my attitude about it.  This is the same fucking Mr. Know-It-All who ALWAYS comes in from working on same car saying "Okay, I know what the issue is now for certain."  goes back out, said trick doesn't work, comes in saying "Okay, I know what the issue is now for certain!"  Each time he says this bullshit, he's looking more and more like my dad in HIS ability to "Fix" cars.

From there, I go into "I'm not worth this life."  Does this mean I'm feeling suicidal?  No.  It means I feel like I have made too many of the wrong decisions in my life and that I am such an utter fuck up that I will never have a nice car, a house with a washer/dryer hook up, a husband who has a good livable wage job, or a child whom rarely goes to the Principal's office because he actually behaves and speaks like a PROPER 6 year old should.  This one I'm still feeling hard core about.

As of just a few moments ago, I went into the memories of all those Holiday Radio Programs, or News Casts, or Internet Videos where a family (90% of them being single moms, single dads, then a different chart for it being children of abuse, homeless, then a whole other category for "Families of Soliders") where someone nominated them to be "Blessed" with either a fat wad of cash, a BRAND NEW vehicle, a house or nice apartment COMPLETE WITH WASHER DRYER HOOK-UP, and/or the chance to see their loved one in public again.  All their faith is restored in humanity.  My own best friend who is going through her own messed-up time with her and her children (and she fits the single mom stereo type complete with abused children) received a newly refurbished and completely working car for being a stereotypical single mom with abused children.  Not saying she and these other families don't deserve these karmic kick-backs, but my brain and heart are jacking me up saying "What makes her and those other families more deserving of these massive blessings and not our own family?"  Our family became VERY homeless in July of 2012 when Matt lost his job at Walmart over their usual "Walmart brand" bullshit because he was getting a little too mouthy about wanting the CSM he was already working but not receiving the pay for.  NONE of our friends helped us save for one, but she tried placing us and our then 3 year old son into a fucking Crack House.  Eventually, her then Mother-in-Law took us in for 2 months until we went into the Big Brother system known as the Salvation Army.    Not only that, I was almost literally breaking my back working part-time in a plus-size women's clothing chain.  With my scoliosis, I ALWAYS left work holding back tears of pain.  I couldn't quit the job lest we lose our apartment with Salvation Army because BOTH PARENTS must be working to maintain their VERY temporary "home".  Since then, did finally get a proper apartment, but with no washer & dryer hook-ups, as usual.  Matt did and still works at a nursing home but now is the soul bread-winner because, as always, our 2 years was up with the car we had and I no longer had a way to work that didn't require daily payment plus we were spending more money keeping me employed, what with gas and a baby-sitter for me to even work, not to mention the pain of being constantly on my feet had finally affected me for the worse.

So now our second car is completely dead.  My husband continues to work as a CNA and his barely livable paycheck and small potatoes food-stamps is all we have to sustain us.  So why do we deserve a big blessing like a new and properly working car that will last more than 2 years with regular maintenance, or a proper home, or even enough money to pay off our student debts and/or all debts so Matt can finally try for his RN, less than any other family, let alone a single parent?  We're hurting too.  We're struggling just as hard to keep from hitting homeless status again.

Lastly, I am feeling shame.  I am tired of hearing "Why can't you just get a job?"  I'm tired of "Why can't you just lose the weight so you won't be in as much pain...so you can get a job?"  I'm especially tired of "Have you thought of trying _________?"  Fuck every single person who says anything like this to people in crisis.  I'm a stay at home mom because I CAN'T AFFORD TO FUCKING WORK!  You haven't seen the cost of child-care lately, have you?  Unless you're a single parent (especially a single mom), we aren't magically granted child care in this state unless BOTH PARENTS work full time.  Because I have this painful scoliosis and less than a college degree, full time work is damn near impossible for this bitch to find.  I also to refuse to work in Telemarketing again.  As far as losing weight, yeah.  I've been fat all my life.  I've made MANY furtive efforts to lose the weight.  I've even had a few gym memberships.  I push and push and push myself in the gym.  50 lbs is my maximum weight loss.  Also, I was no longer able to continue at Gold's Gym because WE MOVED 2 HOURS AWAY FROM IT!  Where we live now, the closest gym we can afford is 6 miles away.  Our car is shit and we don't have the money to get out of the fucking contract because of the holidays.  And don't ask me if I've tried this that or the other thing to solve my God Damn problem.  Unless I ask for fucking advice on what to find, I am in NO MOOD to hear your "Oh we did this and it helped a lot" crap.  What I want right this second is an instant fix.  I want right this second is someone to call and say "I have what you need and there are no strings attached.  It's in perfect working order, brand new, and all I want is for you and yours to have a happy holiday and a good life.  Just pay it forward."

And if you suffer depression or been in this state of mind, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

So.  Yes, I'm ranting but this is exactly what goes on in a depressive person's mind during an episode, like what I'm going through right now.

I promise, I will eventually get over this.  Until I do, please tread lightly around me, do NOT offer me unasked for advice, do NOT say anything or post anything that will make me feel shame for who I am and what we have been through, and unless you have an instant fix for what is hurting my soul right now, the only thing you can do to improve my attitude is just either put in some phone-calls to people who CAN instantly fix my hurting soul & family, or bring me some fucking Dutch Brothers and your knitting/crocheting so we can just vent it out with a Craft Circle.

November 18, 2014

The Vaccination Proclimation

Watching a story on our local news here in Spokane where a non-vaccination mom FINALLY GOT IT!  At first, this mom decided she didn't want "those nasty chemicals" in her children and that they should fight deadly viruses and diseases naturally.  So when her oldest daughter got deadly sick with Whooping Cough, she finally realized the err of her ways!  Now ALL of her kids are vaccinated.


I know that I've mentioned in a previous post the more obvious reasons and rebuttals to this debate, but now that more and more kids are going into schools unvaccinated and (big shock!) illnesses previously eradicated through modern vaccination  are making a come back, I feel I need to address another thing one anti-vaccine mother had said.

This mom said, and I quote; "I want my children's bodies to be able to fight these sicknesses naturally."  another AV mom said the same thing but added "...and we've been lucky, so far."  Wow.  If you are an AV parent who has ever said "...and we've been pretty lucky", congratulations.  You have just summoned Murphy's law.  Seriously.  WHY ARE YOU LEAVING YOUR CHILD'S LIVES TO LUCK?  And letting your children fight illnesses naturally?  Let me drop some serious history on you AV parents out there.

The human race was SO damn healthy back before vaccines were created.  Plagues never happened.  The Bubonic Plague was a cover-up to keep humans from looking lazy.  Polio?  Naw.  That was just bad parenting.  Those parents just let their kids play in traffic and climb trees.  Those kids became lame and died from enjoying the dangers of playing outside.  And Mary Ingles from the "Little House on the Prairy" stories?  She didn't really get Scarlet Fever which took her eyesight.  Laura hit her with a 2X4 because she was a triflin' betch.

Also, that Ebola business blowing-up our news & media is all just propaganda to cover-up Obama's failing numbers.

C'mon folks.  Are you not noticing the correlation between all these once dead illnesses in our country with this Anti-Vaccination movement?  Before the vaccination was discovered, the human existence had a WAY lower life expectancy rate than we do today with all the medical advances we have available to us (at the right price).  Your 60 year old mother may seem not as old to you, what with her vitamins, healthy eating, and regular yearly check-ups & mammograms.  More than 100 years ago, 60 was considered fairly old!  Why?  Because vaccines weren't as developed as they are today.  Heck, they didn't have as MANY things to vaccinate for as we did today!  Go back 500 years and you'll see that 60 was damn right ancient.  If anything, if you lived to see 60, you were probably already a Great-Great Grandmother.  With life expectancy that short, you better believe they were marrying off girls young and turning them into mothers just as young.

There are just some illnesses our bodies just CAN'T ward off naturally.  I don't care if you're into non-GMO or have an all natural life style.  Just don't leave your child's life to chance that a once defeated illness isn't going to find a way to your child.

November 12, 2014

Mommy Daddy Anime Date Nights!

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying
...no really, that's the name of this anime!

It is no secret that my husband and I are total anime fans.  We are fans to the point that we have made it our ritual to watch at least one episode of anime a night (well, most nights) together after the runt has been put on sleep mode.  Don't get me wrong, we do not own a huge library of anime, pick one, and throw it in the Blu-Ray player nor do we have premium subscriptions to Crunchy Roll (although we do have one for Hulu & Netflix but we done seen all their dubbed anime).  Instead, we get our anime through different sites (because we support net neutrality, thank you very much).

Now, I'm not going to state which sites we go to because there are so many we use and prefer (and I want to protect them from getting shut down).  Not all anime sites will have everything you're looking for, but the amount of shows available in both Dubbed & Subbed it's sometimes hard to choose what you want.

NOTE:  Not all anime are dubbed.  If you can't find a dubbed version of what you're looking for, it may still be a new release in Japan or has not been optioned for dubbing in the US.

Having said that, here is my Top 10 List of Anime to Watch With Your Significant Other (or  yourself if you're a single parent) After The Kids Are In Bed!
*links to the show via "Crunchy Roll" will be highlighted if available for preview.  *subbed*

~these anime are rated NSFC (Not Safe For Children).  What's the point of watching anime without kids if they didn't have at least some level of perversion or bloody mayhem?~

1.) I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

     This is a newer anime about a Husband & Wife.  This concept alone is unique to anime because as some of my fellow otaku know, most anime like to focus on Teens or unmarried Young Adults (depending on the story's plot).  This show is HILARIOUS for being >4 minute episodes.  The couple marries (probably through an omai/arranged marriage) and lives together.  It's unsure yet what the wife does for work or even if she does, but her husband is a total NEET (what us Americans would consider a Mooch).  He barely makes a living writing on his blog.  He is also a COMPLETE OTAKU (Extreme Anime Fan)!  For the ultra-short episodes, the creators pack in a LOT of comedy per scene! They're almost like one-liners but with visual gags, situations, awkward situations, and Anime jokes.  My husband and I did have a few good giggles over this one.  Also:  Broster.  You'll get this after watching episode 2.

2.) High School DxD

      I accredit this find to my wonderful husband.  This anime is about a 16 year old boy, Issei, who becomes a demon and joins the Big Busted & Beautiful Rias and her group of Demons at the school.  I also want it known that Issei is a HUGE PERV!  His dream is to one day own his own Harem!  This anime is packed with action and humor.  Also, because this anime is quite obviously for the mens, there are BOOBS & BUTTS GALORE!  Unless your Waifu is having none of her man seeing nekkid tatas & tushes, it's worth watching for ALL THE REASONS!  As a matter of fact, the nudity is part of the funny because of how much it does feed into Issei's perverted nature!  *though there is no link, this anime is available dubbed on Netflix.

3.) Attack on Titan 

   This is probably one of the single greatest Anime Dramas I have ever watched in my life!  I have seen it called "The Walking Dead" of Japan.  AoT chronicles the lives of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Akerman, and Armin Hammer (just kidding, his last name is actually Arlert).  In about a 1000 or so years from the show's present, immense beings called "Titans" mysteriously appeared on Earth and damn near ate the entirety of human existence.  100 years from the show's present, 3 concentric walls were erected to house the last of humanity's existence.    5 years from the present, a massive Titan over powered the outermost wall, ultimately overtaking and devastating 1/8 (I'm guessing) of the remaining human population.  When we finally get to the present, we see our main 3 protagonists joining the human's military and train in their efforts to try and take out the Titans at any cost.  There is SO MUCH rich, complex, and emotionally charged story line in this action anime, it's hard not to get caught up in it.  If you are a fan of TWD, as I am for sure, then this is one you just HAVE to watch!

4.)  Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

     Suicide is not funny.  In fact, if you ever feel you want to hurt yourself or others in anyway, REACH OUT AND SEEK HELP!

Having said that, ZSZS and I'm going to call it for now, is funny in the fact that it's about a suicidal high school homeroom teacher who has to deal with a motley crew of students...one of them who is OVERLY OPTIMISTIC!  She is convinced that when someone is trying to hang themselves, they are trying to grow-taller so they can overcome bad things!  That's about it.  Just watch the first episode or two.  If you don't think it's funny, I'm not going to question why.  This is one you either love or just can't abide by.

5.) MM!

     Another great find by my husband!  It's also another Super Pervy anime so brace yourself!  MM! is about a freshman boy who discovered in Junior High that he is a SUPER MASOCHIST!  The harder a pretty girl beats the living crap out of him, the more he gets off on it!  He eventually comes to find the schools "Helping" club, whose goal is to help any students in need.  He asks them to help cure him on his Super Masochism but in the end just make it worse!  Not so much naked boobies & butts, but this anime just leaves me and the hubs in STITCHES!

6.) Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt

     This show is about a crime fighting pair of angels and their preacher guardian.  What's so great about that?  Because Panty is a freakin' nympho, Stocking is a total glutton, and Garter Belt is...well, yeah.  There is no real story line here, but this one is full of pervy, nasty, toilet humor.  If you love that kind of juvenile humor (and I do), this is worth watching a few episodes of.

7.) Crayon Shin Chan

     OMG.  I just...damn.  Like Herbert the Pervert on "Family Guy", you hate to love this show.  These are the misadventures of 5 year old Shin.  The animation is crap yet adds to the REALLY off humor of the show.  How do I compare thee?  This way; It's the Japanese "South Park" except the kid in question is IN PRESCHOOL!  If my now 6 year old had a mouth like this in preschool, I wouldn't be a mother any more.  'Nuff said.

8.) Sword Art Online

     Now, this is probably the tames of the listings here as far as adult content, but it does involve violence that translates into mortal deaths.  SAO goes into this virtual MMORPG of the same name.  Kirito and an abundance of other players log-in to the game only to be told they can never log out until the game is completed.  Is that all?  Of course it isn't.  If anyone tries to log-out or if anyone outside of the game tries to remove their Virtual Gear manually, the player dies in real life.  If you die in the game, you also die in real life.  Because of this and the heavy nature of some of the episodes, I cannot recommend this anime to minors.  Teens, yes, but not children.  Regardless, this is another great show for a date night.

9.) Is This A Zombie?

     Do you love Zombies?  Do you Love Magical Girls?  Do you love Vampire Ninja's & Necromancers too?  Even if you're not, this anime is worth watching at least the first 3 episodes!  Ayumu is brutally murdered then brought back to life by a cute little Necromancer in armor.  Too bad she can't talk!  So if his life isn't twacked out enough by that, he accidentally absorbs the powers of a Magical Pretty Girl...AND TAKES ON HER ABILITIES AND COSTUME (Stripped panties, flouncy dress, pretty white bonnet and all baby)!  And when both invite themselves to live with him, let's just throw a Vampire Ninja Assassin into the group who also takes residence of her own accord!  Just description alone made me watch the show, but watch for yourself.  If only for the episode where Ayumu has to undergo his very first transformation sequence!
     "Oh no..oh no...here it comes..."

10.) Baka and Test

       My husband isn't as big a fan of this one as I am, but this is probably my most favorite anime of all time.  Definitely can't watch this in front of kids because of all the references to boob size.  This anime takes place in a high school which is testing out a new curriculum where students obtain and utilize chibi-sized avatars and hold class fights in place of formal grading.  The class in question is the dumbest class in their grade; Class 2-F.  Each class is sorted by entry grade levels, smartest kids in class A and so forth down to class F.  From here, you see the exploits of Akihisa Yoshi (the main character) and his mates strategies their battles, function as friends outside of class, and relentlessly hit on Kinoshita Hidiyoshi (who has to continuously remind them that he's a guy.)  I don't know how anyone not find this anime funny because I die each time I watch it.  It may not sound like much from here, but just watch a couple of episodes.  It's fantastic!

...and there it is!  There are other great anime to watch with your adult loved one.  If you have a recommendation not on this list, please share in the comments below or on the Knerd Mom facebook page along with a brief description of what it's about.  Just no actual Hentai/Pornographic anime like "La Blue Girl" or anything.  Soft Porn is one thing (Ecchi) but straight Hentai/Porn (meaning there is full on penetration, fellatio, cunnilingus, finger play, etc..) is right out.  We're talking Date Night, NOT Sexy Time!  That's a post for a whole other day!