October 27, 2015

Disney: Empowering Girls by Ignoring the Boys

WARNING:  I try to be fairly gender neutral when it comes to raising my son or children in general, but this has been kind of bugging me for a while now and needed to be said.  This will (hopefully) be the most gender biased post I ever make.  Don't judge.

Of these Disney men (and insert the gentlemen from Frozen, won't make an ounce of difference), how many were actually the star of their respective movies.  Don't forget to include Pinocchio, Robin Hood, and The Jungle Book.  When you get right down to it, there are only 8 or so male characters out of ALL of the Disney movies in which the Main Character/Protagonist was a male.  Pixar doesn't count.

There is a lot of hub-bub about how the entertainment industry is shunning, shaming, and degrading women.  As a woman myself, I get it.  Now that I'm in my 30's, it does kind of resonate with me that actresses in their 30's are getting snubbed for "Wife" or Romantic roles to actors who are still going strong in their 40's, 50's, and even 60's!  Keep in mind, Maggie Gillenhal had raised a HUGE and SCATHING point when she was recently snubbed for a role in a movie because she was too "old" to play the role of a wife to a 40-50ish year old man.  She, herself is in her late 30's.  I'm 34 (as of the time this was written) and the thought of being married to a man 40 or older creeps me the heck out! 

Having said this, and if it wasn't for the point that I am the proud owner of a boy, I have noticed that Disney has very much the opposite problem.  Now, we all have our favorite Disney movie and there are very few I don't like, I do want to say this:  Why are there so many Disney Princesses headlining and stealing the show of their respective movies, but when it comes to the boys/princes, they are either severely overshadowed, or cast as someone kind of douchey?  Seriously, think about it...

Aladdin:  The movie was based on HIS STORY, but he's a criminal, lies to get his way in the door, and is rewarded for it in the end (because, you know.  He learned from it.)

Peter Pan:  The movie is about him but he's a little jerk to pirates, doesn't care for the safety of the kids he just up and took with him, and...well, read the story.

Pinocchio:  He ran away from home but when he reunites with his dad Jonah Style, it's like Pinocchio never did anything wrong.

 And then there are the movies that have come out since the 1990's when Ariel came onto the scene and pretty much made it a precedent that all  Disney Movies be more about the princesses than anything.  Seriously, we're at the point now where we're asking "So what's the next Disney Princess going to be like this time?"  "What is she going to look like?"  "Which princess fairy tale will they use?"  These are things that are now starting to bother me now that I have a son.

It's great that all these princesses coming out are showing how strong girls can be and that they can do anything they put their minds to, but it's coming at the cost of boys and how they see themselves.  Yeah, I know Pixar (Disney's sister company) is filling in the boy gap for them, but it's not the same.  I feel like Disney needs to start evening-out this ratio of Heroines to Heroes when it comes to main characters.  Yes, the money is in the little girl demographic, with the sale of dolls, clothing, and other merchandise to drive insane even the most patient of parents, but what is there Disney is doing for boys?  Sure, Olaf is cute-ish.  But you can just slap a picture of Cristof on a shirt for boys and say "Here!  Bet you'll feel cool in this!"  It just doesn't work like that.  We all know "Frozen" by heart and it's permanently branded as a chick flick for young girls.  I dare you to make manly a set of "Tangled" underwear for boys and see how many parents of sons will apt to purchase them. 

Our boys are in a huge dire need for age appropriate role-modles, real and fictional.  If ever we want to correct "rape-culture", gender-inequality, and male entitlement, we need to start creating more male role-modles to relflect this desire and need for young gentlemen again.  I want my boy to open doors for girls, say "Ladies First", and never hit a female of any type.  I want him to know his please and thank-yous, compliment a lady with dignity and tact, and above all, value women as himself.  I say all this with quite a bit of certainty that my son is straight, especially since he has stated quite firmly what ladies he's seen on TV that he loves and wants to marry.  Like seriously.  It's sometimes heart breaking the feels he expresses.  He also likes them with a bit of meat on them.  Never thought that would be a preference for him.  But makes this big momma kinda proud *wink*

So Disney, until you can start giving us some proper Disney Princes again, my money is going to start going to Dream Works.  Lord knows Shrek was more of a Prince & Gentlemen as an Ogre than Flynn, Hans, Aladdin, or any of the rest ever were to their Princesses. 

and a better Dad, to boot.

October 18, 2015

Knerd Mom Recommends: "Buddha" by Osamu Tezuka

This past summer, I came across this manga epic [extremely loosely] based on the life of Siddhartha Buddha. It is written/drawn by the Stan Lee of Manga, Osamu Tezuka.  Osamu Tezuka created the first modern manga which we have come to know as "Astro Boy" back in 1952.  More than 10 years later, this will also beget the first modern Anime based on the same comic.  Tezuka sensei also came out with other classic Manga (some turned anime) such as "Black Jack", "Unico", and "Kimba the White Lion" among others.  So for him to come out with a biography, nee, mythological epic about the life and times of one of the single greatest Religious Founders of all of Earth's History, you know this will probably be worth the read.

The manga starts not with the birth of Siddhartha (Buddha's birth name), but with a parable about an old starving dying man and 3 animals; a fox, a bear, and a rabbit.  The old man was wise but had nothing to eat or drink for a long time.  The Fox and Bear begat gifts for the old man.  The Rabbit couldn't find anything so in the end threw himself into the old man's fire as a means to offer himself to this human as nourishment so that he will not die.  This parable itself will, in later volumes, come back in a pivotal way.  From here, we are introduced to some characters who set the tone for the era in which Siddhartha is eventually born into.  The type of society is one based on extreme segregation of classes or "Castes".  In English, they are in order of most "Important": Priests, Nobility, Military, Slaves, and "Pariahs" (which pretty much means your so low on the food chain, domestic animals are treated with more dignity). 

It's not until closer to the end of the 1st Graphic Novel that Siddhartha is finally born into the world, but what I learned was that he was born a crown prince over a land, not the usual story of growing up poor then ascending the ranks, although you will see some instances of this through-out the story.  Siddhartha's Queen Mother died shortly after his birth.  He, himself being born a few weeks premature, he had a few health issues.  Because of this, his King Father kept him secluded into his (the prince's) own harem, thinking it would make him happy.  As the young prince grew and eventually married (at a very young age), he discovers that life outside of the palace walls is dismal.  He discovers first hand how The Caste System really works and is appalled at how inhumane humans can treat other humans just because they were born under the wrong social group.  This will trigger Young Prince Siddhartha to do something completely outside of his own social norms.

After a stint of solitary (yet extreme) meditation as a form of protest, he decides to leave his kingdom, Father, Wife, and even new-born son in the middle of the night to become a monk so he can seek enlightenment.  During the next few decades, Siddhartha will come across a whole motley crew of people to whom he befriends, helps out, teaches, and even be taught by.  There are instances where he performs miracles through meditation and teaching in which beget and shape the future concept of what will ultimately become Buddhism.  By the time Siddhartha is approximately 30-40 years old, he will reach enlightenment and will finally be granted the name "Buddha" which means "The Enlightened One". 

Now, if you think this book is based on historical fact, you might be in for a small let-down.  You will see early on that even though this details the journey of a once living person, this is still very much a comic.  You can see it in the comedic styling, modern day humor and props being used, and of course the fact that no one really even can say for sure what Buddha's life really was even like, let alone a written record of really anything he did in his life.  For all we know, Buddha could have just been a really wise old man who just knew what was up.  But for what accuracy lacks, story telling does make-up for like chicken soup on a sick and rainy day.  It's easy to get drawn into this legend.  There are side stories galore but each one is important to the larger picture.  Like a fine wine, these mini-legends in between get better with age and when it all converges in the end, you will be left feeling satisfied with your care.

haaaiiry BABY!  Hairy baybeeeee...
This is a long read, but it is a worthy one.  I found this series at my local library's Manga/Comic section, but if you have the funds, you can purchase this series on Amazon (or get one by one), or if you're a cheapskate like me, you can find just as easily on your favorite scanlation site/app to read there.

I highly recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, mythology, Asian Culture, or anyone just curious about what Buddhism really is and who the man behind it possibly was like.  However, I DO NOT recommend this manga to children middle-school age or younger.  I say this because there is a LOT of nudity, especially of Topless women and nude children (especially nude boys).  Having said that, there isn't a LOT of sexuality, but I'm also not saying there isn't at all.  The nudity, I'm assuming from the context in which it was used, is cultural for the period/era so if I do recommend teens reading this manga, I only recommend it for very mature teenagers who understand the distinction between what constitutes what sexualization is and what is just culture.  There is also war time violence and segregational violence, but it isn't gory due to the manga's basic cartoon style.

I hope I have inspired you to check-out this series.  This story had me intrigued from the first few pages and I hope it will draw you in too.  Again, this is not historically accurate BY ANY MEANS, but just the insight behind it will make you want to look more into what Buddhism is really about.

September 16, 2015

Knerd Mom Recommends: Kiddo Friendly YouTube Channels!

If you are a Nerd Parent with Nerd Children, I'm sure your kids are well versed in You Tube!  I know for us, You Tube was our son's currency for potty training.  Mostly to the tune of "If you have an accident watching your videos, then you are grounded from the computer for the rest of the day!"  Yes, this makes for a case of 1st World Problems and proves that I allow my son WAY too much screen time, but seriously, I'm not the only parental geek who lets their kid game  like it was their after school job.  Just saying.  Don't boycott me.

Regardless of your personal parenting style, one of our biggest concerns with child screen time is not as much the quantity of screen time as much as it's the quality.  We are all aware of our own childhoods in the 80's, and 90's  where parents were all about the war against violent cartoons and the very few children with no common sense whatsoever ruining cartoons for the rest of us who actually understand how gravity actually works.

You mean...gravity really is a thing?!

Now that we are in the era of digital technology ruling every aspect of our waking lives, the new "idiot box" comes in the form of computers, tablets, and smart phones.  Children can find all sorts of videos of their liking ranging every interest on the internet.  But one site is the Holy Grail of videos and even allows users to create their own channels!  This site has even created celebrities that are known internet and world wide.  This site, of course, is You Tube.  Sadly, ANYONE can make their own You Tube channel and the FCC has little control of the content.  There are only a handful of rules that users must abide by when posting, but none of them are designed to keep content safe for EVERYONE, just safe from complete human indecency (like porn, snuff films, animal cruelty...save for how to butcher chickens and rabbits for meat.  No kidding.  Look it up...wait...don't if you can't handle it.)  Having said that, there are a few great channels that our budding nerdlings would enjoy, as well as full-grown Nerds.  These channels have little (very little) to no bad language, no iffy content, and yet all the fun we had watching our favorite Saturday Morning shows as kids.  I present to you...


1.)  Nerdy Nummies:  If you're willing to forgive the rare (really rare) episode or two where she makes a grown-up drink or two, Rosanna Pansino is such a charming host to watch.  She makes wonderful treats from Unikitty Snicker Pops to Deadpool Cupcakes to even (I'm so sorry to have to mention this...) a "Chilled Monkey Brain" cake, reminiscent of "Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom!  There is hardly any franchise she hasn't made a yummy treat of in this channel.  She has even had the occasional special guests on the show including my next item on my list...

2.)  GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING:  Rhett & Link are life long best friends from North Carolina who started their own You Tube morning show along with a laundry list of their own original comedy music videos!  They are as funny as they are clean (meaning no bad language, sexuality, drug references, or even violence).  Their show, which they post almost daily, is full of segments, humor, and outrageous dares that you would SWEAR they had to have lost a bet to someone for them to do half the stuff they get themselves into for the sake of entertainment.  For me, my favorite episodes are the ones where they let their own kids get involved in, like this episode where they let their kids UNLOAD NERF GUNS ON THEM!

Although, my 7 year-old would say his favorite episodes are the "Will it...______".  This is where they pick a food theme, for example "Will is Donut?" and then take the most disgusting (yet apparently okay to ingest?) items like condiments, sardines, SAWDUST and turn them into said food theme...THEN EAT IT!  *shudder*  Link often can't last a whole one of those episodes without retching, but those are the moments Luke laugh's the hardest at so....whatever.

3.)  Zack Scott Games:  Now, if you're anyone like me, you get your kicks off of watching another You Tuber named Markiplier.  Us grown-ups get a kick out of his gaming style, outbursts, and some of the freaky, funny games he plays.  Unfortunately, he has a mouth on him that is just not safe for little ears, nor are the games he plays very good for the under 14 crowd.  This is where Zack Scott takes up the age gap.  Zack Scott's game play videos are very clean of language as well are all of his games rated no higher than Everyone 10+.  It's this You Tuber who my son gets all of his latest game play info and news of new games that are out to play!  It's because of Zack Scott games that we got our son games like Skylanders Swap Force, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and the most popular new exclusive release from Nintendo (at the time of this post), Splatoon!

Warning:  In the videos where he plays group mode with voice/video, you will hear a few more choice words sort of not suitable for young ears, but it's not SATURATED with it like most of these other gaming channels, nor are the word choices as bad as they could be...but I would still recommend you watch one before letting your child watch just to make sure YOU'RE okay with it.

4.)  Stampy Longhead:  This pleasantly voiced British fellow is more famously known for his whimsical Minecraft videos, featuring his own created characters and a motley crew of his friends who voice chat along side him in their own created scenes & levels.  Sometimes they create stories of their own invention, sometimes they play actual levels, and sometimes they play against each other.  But all in all, they are fun.  This, in itself is like a Saturday Morning Cartoon.  I highly Recommend him for everyone who enjoys their cartoons pixelated!

5.)  Grav3yardgirl:  Though she she mostly does make-up and hair tutorials, you don't have to be interested in either to love Bunny's videos!  This girl is full of catch phrases like "Saaaassy, so saaaaassy!" or even "Sippy Sippy...(pause for dramatic drinkage of iced sweet tea)...AH!".  She also does demos of "As Seen on TV" products of varying types like Kangaroo Shoes, The Wubble Bubble, and even the Soda Stream!  She also demos clothing from various sources, popular & "innovative" make-ups, and the occasional video of whatever because SHE'S BUNNY!  There are also the few videos where she'll include her always significant other, Dogman.  So try out a few of her videos and watch her have fun.  Here's a fun one you might enjoy...

Do you have a favorite Nerdy You Tube channel you recommend for the whole family?  Comment below or on the Facebook post via Space Cadets & Dreamers group page where I am now exclusively posting my blog aside from here on Blogger!  I would love to watch some of your choices!

August 31, 2015

How to Home School your Geek-in-Training

Yes, this is Legit.
Get this book here
Today we started our first day of Home School.  I may not haven't spoken much on the issue lately, but it has been an interesting process getting here.  We are going through an online Public School group called K12.  Through here, we enrolled with WAVA (WAshington Virtual Acadamy).

 Here is what I expected with Online Public School:  Daily instruction online.  Video interactions with his Virtual Classroom similar that to a video chat-room (but kid friendly, you pervs).  I expected 1 book in each subject along with a few learning tools and items to go along with lessons.

After today,  here is what it really is...

About 3 books in each subject (Math, Language arts, Science, Art, History, Phonics)
A TON of books, tools, and project materials that you have NO IDEA what to do with until that particular lesson happens.
A daily laundry list books, papers, reading, and print-outs to bust out for the next day's lesson.
A finding out as you start the lesson other materials you needed that you need to print out, pronto
Keeping a running list of things you need to purchase for school you never had to think about getting before when your kid was going to IRL public school
Little to no time to fit in "Get laundry done at the laundromat" when you live in cheap-ass apartments.

All this on day one.

So yeah, I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by all this.  Hopefully in the next week or so, I can finally fall into a groove.  I did discover, however, that when it comes to paper assignments (non-computer based) it's not like you have to scan them or mail them back to the program itself...like a correspondence course.  With math, I cheated.  I took a page from one of the Star Wars Workbooks I got him, and switched his assigned paper assignments with a matching assignment with that.  This one had Count Dooku.  My kid was ALL SORTS of okay with this.

Remember Younglings, for each question  you get wrong,
you will need to deflect a zap from the target ball thingy.

As a matter of fact, I would like to take a second and HIGHLY RECOMMEND these work books!  If you have a kid who is a HUGE fan of the franchise, these work books are AWESOME!  They come in a variety of subjects and feature pretty much all the recognizable characters from the movies.  They coincide with the Common Crap...er...Core standards and make for a great supplement for Home School!  I got Luke's books via Amazon (see above link under Pic), but you can also find the whole run of books available in-person at Barnes & Nobel.

So anyway, I'm exhausted and I haven't even got prep done for tomorrow's lesson.  Here's hoping tomorrow goes MUCH smoother.  Especially since Tomorrow is kid's science lesson, and he's REALLY taken a shine with science!

June 14, 2015

When Your Child Comes Out

In light of Gay Pride Month, and in celebration of one of my friend's daughters officially coming out to her, I would like to talk about something I think all parents should plan for in this day and age; the possible day that your son or daughter decides to come out to you.

This is a discussion many parents face and either take the news gracefully or they shame the living hell out of their kid and make them feel 10 feet small because of it.

So  here is a list of FAQ's that I would assume parents ask in preparation for this occasion:

1.  When is a proper age for your child to come-out of the closet?
     ~I would assume sometime after puberty.  It's that time that kids are starting to develop their sense of sexuality and are just starting to discover what "does it" for them.  Normally, when a kid comes out of the closet to you before adulthood, it usually will be in their late teens.  By then, they have had "sexual hormones" long enough to be sure they know where they're going with it.

2.  Is there a way to know if your child is homosexual at a young age so you can prepare for it?
     ~I understand the concern for the want of a heads-up, but there is just no knowing...UNLESS...your child is the kind with the personality that is just SO OBVIOUS that you just can't help but just know.  Even then, don't assume, presume, or say anything to anyone or even to them until they come out to you on their own terms and time.  My own son has a few girl dolls and interests in more girl centered things like "Hello Kitty" and "My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic", but at the moment, he's such a dude.  Do I assume he'll be bisexual?  No.  It's not my call.  If he feels one way or the other, he will tell me on his own time.

3.  I know people who are homosexual and have children.  Will their children most likely be gay?
     ~Only if their kids say they are.  Homosexual parents have just as much of a chance to have gay/bisexul children as anyone else.  They aren't in it to influence their children to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or even gender-fluid.  STRAIGHT PEOPLE SHOULDN'T EITHER!  All caps intentional.

4.  When should I have the "Gay" talk with my children?  Should I have the "Gay" talk with my children?
     ~In this day and age of civil rights for those of the LGBT community, I think it's important to have the talk about homosexuality with your kids.  As a matter of fact, I feel it's a good idea to modify how you talk about relationships in general just in everyday conversations with your kids.  Instead of talking about them having a potential BF/GF, use neutral terms like "Significant Other/SO" or "Partner".  Don't make them feel like they have to go one way or the other.  As far as having a formal discussion on the matter, make "The Gay Talk" part of "The Talk" itself.  When talking about the birds and the bees, also talk about "The Birds and The Birds" and "The Bees and The Bees".  Go into the mechanics about how sex is performed (without going into such performances such as "The Rusty Trombone" and "The Sanchez") on all levels.  Just keep it basic; Not vague, basic.

5.  Is it okay to tell my friends and family about my child's coming-out?
     ~NO IT IS NOT!  I admit, I've made the mistake a time or two thinking a person had already said something to others when they hadn't.  Think of coming out in terms like this:  When someone is coming out to you as L,G,B, or T, they are entrusting you with a secret.  They are telling you this because they are trusting that you will not judge them or tell anyone else.  If they have told anyone else or want you to say something, they will verbally give you permission (thought if they want you to tell someone for them, this is the part where you "Parent-Up" and tell them "this is something you should do yourself").  So, know that it is NEVER okay to out someone unless they tell you it's okay.

These are just some of the more obvious questions a parent would have, but if there are questions you've experienced or that you have, feel free to comment below or via Facebook.  Happy Gay Pride Month everyone!

May 23, 2015

When the Punishment Fits the Crime: Kid Shaming

If you haven't seen this video, now's the time:

There are more cheers than jeers for this mom openly shaming her daughter on video then posting it on the internet.  I, for one, welcome our new Kid Shaming Overlord.

The subject in matter is kids on social media.  Rather, kids misbehaving on social media.  I watched a clip of The View where the ladies discussed this video at some length and only 2 of the 5 ladies thought this mother was too harsh.  I feel Raven Symone nailed it when she said "...this teenage girl knew what what 'being a freak' is [though she denied it]..."  The message Raven was getting through is this, the girl in question was lying about her age and knowingly leading men of any and all ages on in a sexual manner on Facebook.  So for her mom to make this video and outing her daughter as the immature and underage child she is is completely fitting for the crime.  I completely and 100% agree.

As the times change and parenting styles are forced to evolve along with it, we have come to an era where children are almost encouraged by not just friends, but media itself to have Facebook, Twitter, and/or an e-mail account.  Even though most of us parents try our hardest to prevent our kids from having any of these, there are just some kids who push through and live on the motto of "If there's a will, there's a way."

or what the kids call "YOLO"

See, when my generation and older were kids, we had Spankin's, Talkin' Tos, Mouth Poppin's, and on the rare occasion, "Oh, so you think this is cool, let's see how cool you think it now's" which was immediately followed by [evil] creativity.  Unfortunately, my generation and younger who have become parents somehow evolved into freaking Jellyfish parents and now believe that punishments of the past are forms of child abuse.  Spanking leads to violent children, Yelling breaks spirits,  Revoking Privileges associates with negativity.  What the hell can we do?!  Throw pills at them because now all of a sudden they have ADD/ADHD or are Autistic?  *Sigh*  Whatever.  Not my circus, not my monkeys.  I digress.

Back on point, our children now have different ways of getting in trouble, and most of it is through social media.  With this medium, we are forced to figure out a new way to discipline our kiddos in a manner that will teach them once and for all that Social Media is NOT the place to just act like a complete moron.  In my honest opinion, Social Media is just as dangerous as your child just randomly talking to complete strangers in real life.

Meet Bella.  She just turned 18 and is looking party.

But it doesn't stop at kids over-sexualizing themselves online for all or few to see.  It's also about what our kids are actually saying!  They think that with firewalls and their over inflated sense of personal online security, they think they can say anything and everything they want and it won't come back to bite them in the butt because...hey...it was just online.  They didn't physically hurt anyone.  Well, let's see what happened to one girl who thought it was BRILLIANT to bad mouth her parents online...

I present to you, the original Kid Shamer.  I remember watching this video for the first time a few years ago and boy did he blow-up Facebook with this!  I have a friend who's father works in IT and Computer Repair/Rebuilding.  If she did what this girl did, oh I'm sure he'd be just as likely to do something this similar to her or her brother.  

So why is Kid Shaming becoming a thing nowadays?  Let me ask you something, how many times have you talked to your kid about something and they didn't listen.  Too many to count, I'm sure.  And how often effective is it?  Well, depending on the kid, usually not very.  I know we threaten our children with things we really don't want to have to enact, but most of us will grow a back-bone and make the threat into reality.  I personally try to only threaten with things within my power.  At this point, my son knows not to call my bluff because about 90% of the time, I'm not bluffing.  Yes, I'm admitting that there are the rare occasions I don't follow through because I'm not perfect.  Having said that, 3% of that 10 my husband will follow through on my behalf.  Regardless, because so often that "Just giving your kids a talkin' to" doesn't work, especially when it comes to the internet, you have to make the hard call and do something that they will REMEMBER FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!  That's right, we do actually have to put on our Mommy/Daddy pants and remind them that WE ARE THEIR PARENTS, NOT THEIR FRIENDS!  If they can't respect us and heed warning, then they will fear us and never try to pull that crap again!  This is why kid shaming works.

So your daughter is posting sexy pictures of herself and says she's [enter legal age lie] when in actuality still in middle school and still watches The Disney Channel?  What's more fitting than putting out on Social Media making her say how old she really and all the reasons why she has no business trying to "git wit" anyone!  Hey, this girl thought it was totally okay to put herself out there, so this mom put all of herself out there.  Even when the truth wasn't as pretty as the girl thought she was.

Your son is using his computer to call-out his parents, troll videos of special needs, obese, and unattractive people, and even degrade people through his X-Box games?  Why not hack his account (which of course he forgot to log out of) and just casually list on Facebook ALL of his faults and bad habits so people can reciprocate the hell he's given them!

Yeah, humiliation tactics are NOT nice nor make you feel better as a parent do have to go there.  Believe me, I watch these videos as a Mom and I feel worse for the parents than for the kid.  I'm sure it broke them up inside to have to do this to their children to make a point, but the point HAD to get made.  And believe me, I would put money that these videos were last ditch efforts.  Please don't assume this was the first thing they thought to do just to be assholes.  Like the father in the second video had mentioned; "I've already grounded you for pulling crap like this!"  I would also venture to guess that the mom in the 1st video had already had a few chats and punishments for this child in regards to her online actions.  

So as far as getting ideas to publicly shame your extremely misbehaving child online, I do want to give you this disclaimer:

ONLY KID SHAME YOUR CHILD AS A LAST RESORT AND ONLY DO IT IN A MATTER FITTING OF THE CRIME!  This is a method bordering on "cruel and unusual punishment", but not over the line of it.  Even though I do agree that if a minor feels they're old enough to do whatever bad choice they are pulling, they deserve to receive punishment that is on the same lines of their actions...but at the same time, do a chain of punishment to lead up to it.


(add spankings only when necessary)

1.)  Give your child a Talkin' To.
2.) Take away privileges.
3.) Ground them.
4.) Proceed to Kid Shaming fitting of their crime.

If you want to add steps, by all means, but I wouldn't take any of them out.  Like I said, Kid Shaming should be an absolute last resort when all else fails!

So how do you punish your kids in the 21st century?  Would you shame your kids like in the videos above?  What's your favorite kid shaming video?  Share below or on Facebook in the Knerd Mom Blog group!  Keep your responses respectful.

May 19, 2015

Our Childhood...Ruined

Can we take a second to mourn the ruining of our childhood from the 1980's and 90's?

...   ...   ...   ...   ...

Thank you.  I know I talk a lot about us as nerdy parents and how we are raising our children to be just as nerdy as we are.  Unfortunately, the film makers of our generation obviously didn't have the same appreciation of our 2 favorite decades as we do.  Either that, or they're too young to have ever watched them every Saturday morning with a bowl of Cap'n Crunch in their laps and playing with our toys from said epic shows.  Having said that, it seems like more and more, movies are getting "rebooted" or "remade" like it was a game of telephone and with each reincarnation, the original message just keeps getting jacked up with each person told!

I'm going to make my point clear using only 3 images:

...Heath (may he rest in peace)...
dammit Jared.  Really?
And in honorable mention, the true original from the 1960's television series:

Because I was taught to respect the classics.

I think the set of movies that started my "WTF" response was "The Hulk".  The first of current "Avengers" to have his own individual movie, even though Hollywood would like to you to forget about that since he's been played by 3 DIFFERENT ACTORS IN THE LAST DECADE!  I haven't seen "The Hulk", but I have seen "The Incredible Hulk" and I will say that Edward Norton had no business playing Bruce Banner.  Hell, from what I gathered in synopsis of the 1st movie, there were too many incongruities for both movies to even have any relation.  It wasn't until I saw the 1st Avengers movie that I pushed my mental Bull-Sh*t button when Mark Ruffalo hit the scene.  WTF?!  THEY CAN MAINTAIN ACTORS AND STORY-LINE FOR IRONMAN, THOR, AND CAP, BUT THEY CAN'T EVEN COMMIT ONE SOLID ACTOR FOR THE HULK?!  The Incredible Hulk has a freakin' awesome independent story-line but it was so jacked-up by the 1st two movies that they can't even think of a proper 3rd movie to even ATTEMPT to bandage what of it together?!

...this is why I'm always angry...
with a little sad.

But this trend didn't stop here.  Let us not forget Batman.  Now, with this one, I'm a touch torn.  I loved the 1980's-90's Batman.  It was cheesy as hell, but it was supposed to be.  Have you SEEN the motley crew of villains of that franchise?  The Avengers only wished their bad-guy list was as colorful.  The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Riddler...  C'mon.  Then Christopher Nolan said, "That was awesome, but now let's make it seem realistic!"  In which we were given Christian Bale.  Now, I'm not complaining because I've loved Christian Bale since "Little Women".

I see you go by Laurie.  I also go by Lori.

Aside from all this and the feelings of betrayal by more hard-core Batman fans, this series of Batman did give pause from one great debate of a generation to a new one:  From "Kirk or Picard?" to "Jack or Heath?"  (My answer to both is "Janeway & Either")

Sadly though, the time gap between "remakes" is getting shorter.  Lest we not forget that in 2002 Tobey MaGuire swing into the scene as Spiderman, then rested his Red & Blue spandex suit in 2007.  So why only after only 5 years do we need a reboot of the Spiderman Franchise?  Did we not have any respect for the good run that Tobey gave us?  As of this moment, I haven't seen any of the new Spiderman movies just out of principal.

So what other remakes, currently in production or on the big screen has my panties in a bunch?  Jem and the MuthaFrakkin' Holograms.

Hollywood, what are you doing?   STAHP!
On a very personal note:  Aside from the bad nasty rumors that the beloved witch movie "The Craft" is getting a remake as well, THIS ONE HURTS MY HEART THE MOST!  OMG!  Do you realize how much I wanted a Jem doll growing up?  Do you?  I went to a friend's birthday party one year back in 198something and she got a Jem doll.  I was so jealous that I played with it for a little while, but begrudgingly gave it back holding back tears.  The friend was a few years my junior so I had to be a good example to her.  That, and she was my dad's boss' granddaughter.  More importantly, this cartoon was EVERYTHING to little girls back in our day!  She was hella independent.  She only had one job (unlike Barbie, but Barbie's tweedle-dee.), but she MADE that job.  Jem was a rock-star who showed that everyone, not just girls, can make the right choices in life and still be cool for doing it!  She may have been mostly clad in pink, but they didn't dress like complete girly girls all of the time.  They had rad colored hair, insane make-up on-stage and IRL, and conformed to NO ONE!  SO WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY MAKING A LIVE ACTION MOVIE THAT IS OPENLY MOCKING THE JEM AND FELLOW HOLOGRAMS FROM WHAT THEY WERE?!  Dammit!

I'm sorry they did this to you.
You deserved better.

Finally, "The Ghostbusters".  *ssssiiiiiggggghhhhh*.  Are we so hard-up about Gender Equality that we really need to completely flip "The Ghostbusters" on it's ass and give it a full female casting?  Really?  That hurts my childhood on a whole different level.  But that's not the worst of it.  Now there's rumors of a proper fully male cast, BUT IT'S MOST LIKELY HAPPENING WITHIN A YEAR give or take FROM THIS FEMALE CASTING?  



So what has destroyed your childhood?  What movie remake has or had you seething, cringing, or weep a single tear?  Talk about it in the comments below or on Facebook!